Monday, September 16, 2013

Skype? Skype this

Good Morning and it's nice to see you all again!

The question came so innocently: "Dad, can I play with my friends?"
Without even thinking, I said, "Sure. Do you need a ride to their house or are they coming here."
First there was a perplexed look, then: "No. We are using Skype."
So, that's what it's become. The boy and his friends connect on Skype and play a video game called Minecraft. They battle each other, build worlds and eat pork chops.
All across the Internet of course.
I sometimes shake my head at these things. Other times, I just see it as a normal part of life in 2013.
When I was 11, most of the time was spent outside playing football, riding bikes or whatever. These days that doesn't happen.
Now, I'm not like some people who look at it and see the downfall of society. Would I prefer they go outside or to a friend's house? Sure, but as long as they are interacting, that's OK too.
At least once a day, I make all electronics turn off and make them do something else. I could be reading. I could be going outside. I could be just sitting and breathing in the air.
Now that school has started, it will change a little. Games are only allowed to be turned on two days a week and that's after all homework has been finished and checked.
I don't look forward to that fight.

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