Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I have laundry ghosts!

Good Morning and, well, here we are again.

I've become used to the monster in the dryer. You know, the one that eats socks.
I have a pile of single socks in my room who have lost their mate. There is no logical reason to have so many single socks, but they are there. So, there's no denying that something (or someone) is eating them.
What I can't wrap my mind around is the amount of laundry I seem to have.
Now, there are four of us in the house, but, despite what the teenager might believe, there's only one adult.
Somehow, though, I seem to have enough laundry to do some every day.
Mind you, the teen wears his school clothes much of the day. The middle schooler would wear the same shirt and pants every day (until I force him to change). The third grader changes every day.
Seriously, there shouldn't be that many clothes to wash. There must be a ghost running around the house dirtying things up.
Now, if that ghost would only start folding, I wouldn't mind so much.

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