Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning fans, non fans and Jeffrey Lurie!

OK, now we've gone and done it. We've officially walked over to the other side, gone from sublime to ridiculous (or something like that).
Today is, apparently, National Underwear Day.
Daily Times Features Editor Jim Atkins alerted us to this phenomenon after reading a nicely worded press release.
Believe it or not, this isn't just a trumped up 'holiday' by a company to sell underwear. Well, actually it is a trumped up 'holiday' by a company to sell underwear, but, hey, we need something to break up the summer.
As a part of National Underwear Day, a survey was done that is either eye-opening or disturbing, you make the call.
Here are the facts according to the highly scientific survey:
n Men prefer their significant others where briefs (34 percent) over thongs. Ironically, it's the same as women (54 percent);
n One in five women ages 18-34 admit to going commando at least once a month;
n 61 percent of women admit they have at least one pair of 'granny panties' in their underwear drawer;
n 50 percent of women surveyed admit that wearing their favorite underwear makes them feel special and more confident.
There are the highlights. For some reason, men's preferences weren't addressed in the study. I guess Fruit of the Loom is just Fruit of the Loom.
So, enjoy your underwear today. Embrace it. Wear it. Or not, if that's your thing.

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