Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning everybody!

So, a couple of members of Philadelphia City Council are talking about introducing a bill that would ban the use of cell phones while driving.
Even though I am guilty of this on too many occasions, it's about the best new law that could be introduced.
Talking on the phone while driving is dangerous. Even though you might be concentrating on the road, you are also concentrating on the phone call. Unless you have some kind of double brain, there's no way you can concentrate on both.
Too many accidents are caused by people not paying attention to where they are driving. People blow by stop signs, red lights and school zones.
We are already a nation of bad drivers. Cell phones just make it a little worse.
If you need to make a quick call or answer the phone, wait until a traffic light is red. Do it quickly, then drive. Or, pull over to the side.
A number of years ago before cell phones became as necessary as air, you had to walk to a pay phone or knock on a door if your car broke down. While cell phones can make us safer in those situations or if you are in some kind of accident, they can also cause trouble.
Just drive. Get where you are going and talk.

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