Monday, August 25, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning Bidenites and everybody else out there!

So, Barack Obama's first reality show came to an abrupt end Saturday morning when he sent out the text message naming Delaware Sen. Joe Biden as his running mate.
Which, goes to show you, the more things change the more they stay the same.
Hasn't Joe Biden launched several failed attempts at running for president? Not that Obama made the wrong choice or whatever, but just asking.
By the way, just and observation, but Biden is being positioned as a normal guy who takes the train to work. Of course, his millions sitting in the bank and huge mansion in Delaware kind of pales in comparison to the 'normal' people. Don't paint it what it's not. These are extremely wealthy people asking for our votes. Obama, Biden and John McCain won't ever worry about heating their house or getting enough food on the table for the family.
You know, just saying.
By the way, the other reality show starts tonight in Denver with the Democratic National Convention.
Years ago, the exact year fails me in my advancing age although McCain could probably remember, cable television wasn't in every household.
A neighbor was turning 65 and his family hosted a big birthday party. While he appreciated all the gifts, from golf clubs to gardening tools, he was happiest to get cable TV into the house.
The reason? That meant he would have something to watch other than the political parties tell us who we should vote for. Instead he was able to watch the Phillies and probably get just as frustrated.
Well, there's always this:
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