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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning bleary-eyed Phillies fans and the rest of the Wednesday warriors!

It appears Hillary Clinton did a good job of rallying the troops at the DNC Tuesday night. Like her or hate her, Clinton has a lot of good ideas. She also has a lot of baggage (not the least of which is her husband), so, in the end the change needed in this country may not have come with Clinton on the ticket.
Still, comparing Clinton to Michelle Obama is like, sorry for the old cliche, comparing apples and oranges. Clinton is presidential in her mannerisms and her language. Obama, well, what was that look on her face while Hillary talked? Disdain? Jealousy?

Speaking of jealousy, if you get a chance check out the pirate exhibition ongoing at the Franklin Institute. From a cool opening to the maze of pirate memorabilia, sunken treasure and information, it's well worth the price.
The Franklin Institute has come under some heat over the last couple of years because of the 'special' exhibits they have added.
From Titanic to King Tut to Star Wars and, now, Pirates, the Franklin (as it now wants to be called) has been able to re-invent itself.
Those who run the Franklin have found out a way to keep people interested even as their entertainment budget has shrunk. They've been able to do this by, heaven forbid, throwing caution to the wind and changing. Which is something other industries (ahem, newspapers, ahem) are scared to do.
Twenty years ago, the Franklin could rely on repeat business and school trips to keep things alive. Now, it needs to stay fresh.
You can only walk through the heart so many times before it becomes just a heart. You can see pirate treasure over and over and still see something different.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a person more than hesitant to attend the Pirates exhibit, it certainly seems like you are now writing public relations for "The Franklin." What's next? Propaganda for a Presidential candidate?

August 28, 2008 at 3:36 PM 

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