Friday, August 22, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning to those Vice Presidential candidates and the rest of us!

So, the news is out. Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama has decided on his running mate. He knows who it's going to be. The person probably knows it too, since Obama and his VP choice are going to have a rally in Illinois Saturday.
Republican John McCain, meanwhile, probably knows as well, but he's not talking either.
Is it just me or does this sound like some kind of ridiculous 'American Idol' ripoff.
Call it 'Vice Lock: Who's No. 2.' The talking heads on all those 'news' channels will no doubt debate the choices from now until November. Why not just get a panel of three down-and-out celebrities (I'm thinking Larry Mendte, Steve Guttenberg and Britney Spears) judge a talent contest. Then we can call in the 800 number and vote for our choice.
Thanks to our 24 hour news cycle these days, every little bit of something is news. We are waiting on the edge of our seats for ... something. Anything. Give us news. Give us information. Who is Jennifer Aniston dating?
Anyway, just a quick thought: The names most mentioned for the Dem's VP are Delaware Sen. Joe Biden and Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh.
Hmmm, so much for change. Look, I understand these candidates have to cross pollinate between parties and philosophies, but maybe it is time to blow the whole thing out of the water.
Maybe Walter Mondale was so far ahead of his time we couldn't appreciate it.
Just my two cents, though.
Meanwhile, check out this clip. The movie looks pretty funny. Can't wait for it to come out on DVD:

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