Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good morning everybody reading in Denver and those back here at home!

Speaking of Denver, there's some kind of big party going on there or something. Apparently some political party is celebrating everything about itself. Oh, that's right, it's the Democrats and they are holding their convention to announce Barack Obama as their candidate for president. I forgot, we've been beat over the head for a year about the election.
By the way, is Sen. Ted Kennedy 'change?' Hasn't he been around forever?
While that's neither here nor there, well, actually it is there, but here we are reacting with ... a shoulder shrug?
Until Obama and Republican John McCain stand center court at Chester High School and really tell us where they stand on issues such as education and the economy it's all hot air.
Of course, those debates won't be held at Chester High School, or any other high school for that matter. They will be held in television studios as we have the premier of the big fall reality TV show.
On this side of the Schuylkill, though, the big thing over the next two days isn't happening in Denver, it's going on at Citizens Bank Park.
The Mets are in town, so Phillies fans can show their true colors and berate anybody wearing a New York T-shirt.
Way back when, I never believed Philadelphia fans got the rap they deserved. Then I attended the Eagles/Rams playoff game on New Year's Eve 1989. The Eagles jumped out to a lead and the fans were beside themselves, yelling and screaming at Ram fans to go home. The Rams came back to take the lead and one Rams' fan had the audacity to stand up and cheer.
Security had to come down.
Bankee Stadium may be different the next two nights, but, just to be safe, don't cheer for either team.
Then again, maybe the election is more exciting:
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