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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning everybody!

Hope you are enjoying this nice weather outside. It's been a lot less humid than we are used to, but, I'm sure we'll be back. Remember, it's still only August.

It doesn't look like we are ever going to get away from reality TV. What was started as just game shows like 'Price is Right' and 'Who wants to be a millionaire' has dominated the networks over the last few years.
So, after catching the finale of 'I survived a Japanese Game Show' over the last two nights, my brain has obviously been turned to mush. That means I have some ideas to pitch to TV execs looking for the next level in reality TV.
n 'Sleep, Don't Sleep': Get a group of 10 people and have them watch an NHL game. The last one to fall asleep wins tickets to the Super Bowl. The rest get tickets to another NHL game.
n 'Don't Bet On It': A bunch, maybe 12, are broken up into two teams. They then have to lay down bets on NBA games. One group bases their picks on the teams playing, the other on the referee assignments. The winning team gets to cash in their first-class airline tickets for coach and keep the difference.
n 'Cable Olympics': One person has DirectTV, the other Comcast. The winner is the first person who doesn't have to get another job to afford the rate increase. The winner gets a gym membership. The loser gets coupons for McDonalds.
n 'Delco Olympics': Take six teams of two and give them a map of Delaware County. They then have to race through, getting a new tattoo at every spot. The winner gets a house in Chichester.
n 'The Paper': A panel of former newspaper executives judge people on their ideas on how to save the medium. Actually, there are no winners. Before announcing the finalists, the execs pull out golden parachutes and leave the building. Leaving everybody else to figure it out.
n 'Guess the Weather': One person looks at the computer models, the trends, the winds, the clouds, the angle of the sun, the moon's brightness, the temperature of ocean water, the amount of ice in the polar regions, the number of sea turtles at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, the color of clown fish and the amount of cows sitting down, then gives a prediction. The other looks out the window. Whoever is closest to the actual weather gets a replaces Larry Mendte at CBS3.
Then again, maybe I'm behind the curve:

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

What you have against Chichester? Just cuz I have some tats doesn't mean everyone here does.

August 7, 2008 at 9:15 AM 

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