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Friday, March 19, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Bracketology

Good Morning and wasn't it nice to hear the birds singing this morning!

With all the running around this weekend (or, more specifically, sitting around at a conference), I didn't have a chance to fill out an NCAA Tournament bracket.
Usually, I am able to get around three done myself then have the children pick one and feel really bad by the end when they beat me.
This year, though, time just got away and, really, I forgot.
It's a good thing. I definitely would have picked Notre Dame, Georgetown and Marquette. When all three Big East teams lost (and Villanova nearly lost), my first thought was: 'At least I still have my five bucks!'
Seeing the weather report for the weekend made it even better. Now, when it hits 70 degrees, I won't feel the pull to put on a basketball game.
I might even try to play a basketball game, which will make my knees hate me even more.

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