Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Fix schools now

Good Morning and break out those winter coats once again!

Now that we have some form of health care reform (those who like to yell, well, just deal with it), now's the time to move on to other things.
While jobs and the economy will recover over time (they always do), a more pressing issue is it's time to get rid of the ridiculous 'No Child Left Behind' mandate.
Sure, we want all children to learn, but when it's forced learning it's more like memorizing.
We are quickly coming up on another round of PSSA testing.
The school administrators will hold rallies. They will first talk to the students about relaxing while taking the test, then they will quickly say they all have to ace it.
After all, school funding is based on a general test scored by a computer. The computer doesn't know if the student broke his/her pencil during the question and was too scared to ask if it could be sharpened. It also doesn't know if the child had a headache or couldn't sleep the night before because they were inundated with mixed messages.
OK, we are on the road to fixing the health care mess (although the battle isn't over because those health care companies have deep pockets and hire loudmouths). Now, let's fix the school mess.
We'll finally be on the way to knocking that last president off the books (unless it's comic books).


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