Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Terrorists from where?

Good Morning and we're still wondering what is so wrong with everybody having affordable health care!

Meanwhile, having been to Pennsburg, it's kind of amazing it's the hot bed of terrorist activity.
Now, if there would have been stories about burning crosses and such, maybe it would be believable. There are probably more confederate flags gracing license plates in Pennsburg than Atlanta, but that's another story.
For all the bluster about terrorism coming out of the Middle East, maybe we are starting to see it comes from everywhere.
It's becoming more obvious there are terrorists all around us. That guy who was upset because the bread was a dollar more than he thought at the Giant might be a terrorist.
The person who has to drive right on top of your bumper, then hits the horn as soon as the light turns green, might be a terrorist.
Remember that lady at Starbucks who couldn't wait her turn in line? Yep, she might be a terrorist.
Tea party members might be terrorists, but they would probably only yell and scream about things they know nothing about.
There is a reason why your neighbor never cuts his grass. That's right, might be a terrorist.
If you believe everything Rush Limbaugh says ... well, your probably not a terrorist, but there are questions about your head.
So, there are terrorists all around us. Time to head to the bunker.


Dannytheman said...

"Just because I'm paranoid doesn't prove they aren't out to get me."

cnik 43 said...

Paranoia means never having to say you're alone.