Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Surprise!

Good Morning and welcome to a nice, warm Tuesday!

The oldest boy in the household has always been a little shy. He makes a lot of friends, but doesn't really talk about them.
Monday night, Garrettford Elementary school held it's annual Literacy Night. For a variety of reasons, we've never made it to this event, which is held every year.
It's basically to promote the reading of books, something that can become somewhat lost during these Internet times. While we make everybody in the house read a book once a day, I can understand how it can be pushed aside.
It's good the school was able to put together a fun night of reading with the students.
Well, anyway, when I talk to the boy about his friends it's usually a shrug of the shoulders or something like, 'We played.'
Little did I know he was a social animal.
We walked into the building and the principal took to the time out to pat him on the back and call him by name. Several teachers in the hallway did the same. Students walking past said hello. Those in the classroom looked up to to say 'Hi.'
Now, I like to goof around with him a lot. Most of the time he goofs right back. Sometimes, he's more serious.
I thought the serious side was always on during school hours.
It made me proud to see the other side.

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