Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Getting it out

Good Morning and welcome to another Tuesday!

Last week, our parent company held a two-day conference to talk about how we can adapt to the changing news environment.
Increasingly, people are getting all their news from the computer screen. Be it at work or home, good stories are pushed along through Facebook and Twitter (you can find the DelcoTimes on both).
Gone are the days when somebody would sit down and read a newspaper from cover to back. Now, the news comes from friends, who forward along links to good stories.
The transition has been quick, but, really, not unexpected.
Now, you can get everything forwarded to your phone, so there isn't even a need to wait until you get to the office.
Adapt we must and adapt we will. the company even has some of the best thinkers in the new business to tap for advise.
The bottom line is stories will still get written. Writers will still be able to tell stories.
As somebody much smarter than me said, 'As long as I can help people with my stories, it doesn't matter if it's on the Internet or paper.'
That's where we are and that's where we are going.

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