Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rise and Shine --- New World Order

Good Morning and welcome, again, the sun!

Everybody tells us the newspaper game is dying, dead, severely under the weather, a victim of H1N1, being attacked from within, being attacked from without, being fired upon by blogs, being taken out by Clone Troopers and going the way of the dinosaur.
Of course, it's all true. The newspaper as a single, paper entity is dying, dead, etc. We do much more now, which, if you are one of the dozens who read this, already know, so, there's no point in going into that.
Yesterday and today the Journal Register Company, our parent company, is holding a conference to discuss where we go from here. How do we survive?
Now, if you know the history of JRC, you might be saying: 'Good Riddence to bad business.'
There is a new management team in place, they've brought in some of the top minds in the country to help convert the company into a new entity, but it's hard.
The previous regime left the company bankrupt and so far behind the technological wheel we might as well be using a stone and chisel.
After moving out of the sports department into the news department several years ago, I contacted an old editor of mine.
We talked about the business, how to approach things, how the family was doing. Then, he asked, who owns the Delaware County Times. When I responded, Well, (pregnant pause), JRC.'
He first chuckled a bit then hummed the Darth Vader theme song.
Will we survive the great Internet upheaval? I, and many around here, think (hope?) we will. At least there's a plan now (just the fact I could write any of the above words without being pulled into the Publisher's office is a testamant to that).
Sure it will be a bumpy ride, but, hey, you only live once.
So, in honor of the former JRC management who probably can't believe employees actually have a voice, I give you this:

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