Monday, July 26, 2010

Rise and Shine ---- Just do it

Good Morning and welcome to a break from the heat!

So, if you missed THIS STORY last week, you missed a good laugh.
Now, the story about Travis Kevie seems like a slice of American life. He saw a need for a bar in a town and opened one up. It was a feel-good story we all search for in this crazy world.
The fallout, though, was that Kevie didn't actually own the bar he opened.
He just happened to stumble upon it with a six-pack and decided, hey, this looks pretty good.
So, he went to the store, picked up a couple more six packs and was open for business. If a costumer asked for something he didn't have, he ran across the street to pick it up.
It was all going pretty good. The residents were happy to have their watering hole back and Kevie was living a live-long dream.
Then he decided it was a good idea to be written up in the local newspaper, complete with a photo of Kevie in front of his 'new place.'
The police admit he probably could have gone on for months if it wasn't for the story.
See, the power of the press.

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