Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Where to stand

Good Morning and a big welcome back to Tuesday! Haven't seen you in about a week!

One of the best things about baseball(maybe slightly behind a cold beer and pool and a radio) is the ability to argue about the game and the players.
Who's the best player ever/now? What can the Phillies do to salvage the season? Do they need to make a move? If they would have kept Cliff Lee would they be running away with it?
(Quick answers: Willie Mays, Albert Pujols; hit better; they could always use more pitching; no).
So it was as Brad Lidge was making another victory feel as close to a loss as possible, the discussion focused on Phillies pitching.
"Use somebody else as the closer," someone shouted. "Trade them all," said somebody else. "This team never makes anything easy," came from a different island. "Do you want another one?" was said out of the blue.
Unlike football, which the Eagles are going to attempt to play some version of this year, baseball gives us plenty of time to dissect, discuss and debate.
Now, if we could just get see one easy win.

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