Thursday, July 29, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Take a number

Good Morning and welcome back to the Internet!

So, most of the time I know where important documents are located. They are all together in one box next to the computer. I have birth certificates, passports, car titles, deeds, whatever.
They are all in the box.
Yeah, right.
I needed to find a birth certificate for one of the boys this week. So, as I am apt to do, I waited until the last minute to pull out the box. Everything was in there except the one I needed.
So, a quick search on the Internet led me to the Bureau of Vital Statistics downtown.
That was about the quickest part of the day.
Walking into the office, we were told to take a number and a seat. Well, the number we got was 310. The number they were on was 255.
That's when I knew we were in for trouble.
"I've been here for two hours," said one disgruntled soul.
"Two hours?" said another. "I came at noon."
Now, the process is pretty simple. You fill out a form, then, when your number is finally called, you hand it to the office worker.
Should be no more than a five minute transaction.
After 90 minutes of waiting, we heard every kind of argument known to man.
"Well, I didn't know you needed a form." "What do you mean I need ID." "Hey, he butted in line." "I don't have cash, will you take an I.O.U."
So, when 310 was finally called, we went to the window. About 30 seconds later, we were out the door.
Maybe it wasn't really brain surgery.
Reminded me of this:

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