Monday, August 2, 2010

Rise and Shine --- No flipping

Good Morning and welcome to August!

Ever since I discovered the remote control, television commercials became a way to see what else was happening around the dial (or buttons).
Oh, that annoying Fiber One commercial is on again, see how the Phillies are doing. OK, now it's followed by Ford and some annoying guy wearing a ball cap. Check out the stuff being made on Iron Chef.
So, it being summer and all, I let the children watch television later at night. Usually, it's some inane cartoon on the Cartoon Network or, more often than not, some kind of Star Wars offshoot.
Now, while commercials on 'adult' television shows are annoying or sometimes funny, those shone during 'kids' shows are downright brain melting or a something that shows an unhealthy lifestyle.
So, when those things come on during these hot summer nights, I grab the remote and, more often than not, switch over to the baseball game.
"NOOOOOOO!" comes the first yell.
"I hate baseball!" is a quick follow-up.
I'm just checking the score, I say.
"Why don't you like commercials? They are great," comes another voice.
Well, I don't have any money and I'm not really hungry, so I'd rather not see them.
"Come on, they are better than baseball."
Uh, no and we'll switch ba..
"Switch now, the commercials are over."
I just turned it, give it a minute.
"This is the boring life of boring."
OK, time for bed.

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