Thursday, August 19, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Don't get it

Good Morning and how did it get to be August 19th?

Somebody at work asked me the other day to explain Twitter. He wanted to set up an account because "everybody else has one."
So, I attempted, rather unsuccessfully mind you, to describe the so-called Twitter web and how you follow people and get updates one what they are thinking or send messages back and forth, but not everybody sees the message, just those that follow that person unless they want to make it private.
Ten minutes later we were both more confused.
I understand the whole social media thing. It keeps connections between people like we've never had before. Facebook has allowed me to catch up with old friends.
The other day on the Daily Times Twitter account, though, I saw a Tweet that said, "I am finally Mayor McCheese."
OK. Great. Now where do you go from here.

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