Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Time to rest

Good Morning and I was wondering if it was worse that the Phillies lost or Brett Myers got the win?

Back in the day, I remember getting through most of the afternoon at school in a haze. It was OK in the morning, but by lunchtime, you could see the heads of your friends starting to dip every once in a while.
Knowing this, I tried to get classes that used little or no brain power late in the day.
Then, while taking a walk around the Internet yesterday, I stumbled on THIS STORY from the L.A. Times.
According to several studies, a later start time in school meant better grades and better behaved students.
Just think about it. Instead of rousting everybody out of bed and dressed (the first battle of the day), rushing through breakfast (the second), then running red lights and stop signs to get everybody there on time (the third), maybe going in an hour later wouldn't be so bad.
Everybody would be better rested. Students would be more engaged with their teachers. We might all be a little calmer.
Now, if I could only convince my bosses its a good idea.

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