Monday, August 16, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Curse the rain

Good Morning and welcome to the final stretch of summer!

As we sweated through June and July, the one call was always for a little bit of rain. The grass needed it. The flowers needed it. Heck, our psyche needed it.
The rain, though, never seemed to really come. Sure, there were showers here and there, but not enough to keep the ground wet.
So, with summer winding down, Friday seemed like a good day take a little day trip.
With the little ones buckled down in their seats, it was time for a drive to Lancaster for a day at Dutch Wonderland.
As a youngster, our family seemed to go to Dutch Wonderland every year. Eventually, we would grow out of the 'Kingdom for Kids,' but it was always a fun place.
Driving up Route 30, it started to become obvious the day wasn't going to go as planned.
"Uh, it looks like it's drizzling," I announced.
A few miles later, after driving through some sizeable puddles, it became obvious it was going to be a little wet.
By the time we got to the park, the drenching had started. We pulled into the parking lot and watched it get harder.
Now came a dilemma. It's not like you can turn around and go home after the children had seen the park. Do you wait in the car? Do you wait in the (horrors) gift shop? Do you bang your head on the steering wheel?
They wanted to go in, so we took the gift shop option. A few hours and a few (hundred?) 'No, you can't get thats' later, the rain slowed and eventually stopped.
Now, if it can stay off the softball fields tonight.

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