Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rise and Shine --- On the camera

Good Morning and welcome to a steamy Tuesday!

Having spent all of my career at the keyboard, I got an eye-opening experience the last two nights.
For the first time in our history, we did live streaming video on www.delcotimes.com. Sunday night, we had the Daily Times/Exelon Champs 'n' Charity women's championship game and followed up with the men's slow pitch title tilt last night.
So, I dutifully carried the camera and computer to the fields and set everything up, confident we could capture the spirit of the events.
We did that, but, with only one camera, it wasn't always easy to follow the action.
You can watch a replay of both games here
Without being too self-congratulatory, we did a pretty good job. Anthony J. SanFilippo provided the voice (with help from Rob Parent and Terry Toohey). We were able to get a pretty good view of the games.
It's going to take practice, but, after a taste the last couple of days, it's something I think we should do a little more.

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