Monday, August 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Not ready

Good Morning and welcome to another week!

A lot of people look at the beginning of a new school year as a celebration. You see commercials with parents jumping up and down as the children go off on the bus.
Well, with a week to go before another year begins, I don't feel that elation.
I know they have to go back some time, but it always comes to early for me. I enjoy running around with the young ones. I enjoy riding bikes. I even enjoy hearing the yelling (OK, not as much, but still...).
I like the noise. I miss the lazy afternoons swimming. I yearn for just one more minute outside throwing the ball around. I've enjoyed the museums, the walks, the runs this summer.
Pretty soon, it's going to be all about homework and getting ready for the next day.
I'm not ready for that. So, this week, I'll try to cram as much summer as we have left into every moment.
Really, for me, there's no other choice.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy it, Big V!