Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rise and Shine --- What's next?

Good Morning and welcome into the fire!

Don't pretend you've never thought about. If you would win the lottery or something, how would you leave your job.
Would you just walk out the front door? Would you throw a big party? Would you tell off your boss and everybody else at the office 'who've deserved it all these years?'
Would you do what this JetBlue flight attendant did in New York Monday.
Hey, if your going to go out, go out in grand fashion.
Of course, in this economy, even if you win the lottery it might be better to just keep your options open.
Me, I'd probably just call and say I won the lottery and would be taking some 'vacation.' Others I know would give two weeks notice, then leave.
At least it's fun to think about.
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Now, this:

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