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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Darn alarm

Good Morning and, my, it's nice out there today!

I know I'm going to be behind all day today. I know it already. I've known it since I woke up.
Well, instead of hitting the snooze button on the alarm this morning, I must have turned the thing off. I don't even remember doing it. For the most part (unless some idiot is beeping his horn outside at 3:15 in the morning), I rarely remember hitting that first snooze.
Sometimes I guess your brain just says, "No. You need sleep. I don't care if you're a little late for work."
When I looked at the clock and it said 6:15, I knew I was going to have a behind-the-horse kind of day.
Oh well. Doesn't happen that often, so I better just enjoy the sun.


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