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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Post-vacation blues

Good Morning and how about that Prince?

Yeah, I don't care much about the new Royal either. Unless he's going to bring Kansas City back to the glory years (boom, boom, boom).
Ever have one of those vacations where everything went better than planned and you hoped it could never end? OK, OK, we always say vacations are too short, but on the other side a week off with the kids sometimes makes work look pretty good (Yes, "sometimes" is the key word).
Last week, I took my group to Williamsburg, Va. The first thought I had before leaving last Tuesday was: "Are you insane? Driving three children for seven hours?"
After getting a supportive e-mail, I went full-speed ahead. Well, I did have to drive down 95 around Washington, so full-speed may not be the optimum word.
We did all the history stuff, went to Busch Gardens, sweated with the rest of the world.
 Amazing to me anyway was, despite the overwhelming heat, there was very little arguing and a whole lot of smiles. At one point, my daughter said, "Dad, this is the best vacation ever!"

On the last day there, we were walking around Colonial Williamsburg when somebody noticed my son's Phillies shirt.
"Hey, some friendly faces from Philly," a man said. "Good to see somebody from home."
After some pleasantries it got around to home towns.
"We're from Chadds Ford, but we've lived everywhere, Haverford, Upper Darby."
You know, throw a stone...


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