Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Words

Good Morning and welcome back to the only place on the Internet you can find this!

I've always been fascinated by words. Which, I guess, is why I am still in this business.
It amazes me how people can put words together and have a profound impact on your day, week, month, year.
For instance, you can hear or read a message that simply says 'Cut the grass.' Depending from where the message originates can make a difference between a laugh and a scowl. If your boss says it, well, it's just another annoyance (and if my boss says it, I'd have to raise my eyebrows). If it comes from a different person, it brings a smile (especially if it's at the end of a bunch of messages that make you smile).
I've listened to press conferences by Barack Obama and Tiger Woods recently. One knows how to make somebody listen, the other forces everybody to tune out.
We've recently been hearing a lot in the news about words that have hurt. About words that have caused havoc in the streets.
I've been lucky enough to read words that have made a big difference, that can only be described as, OK, epic (like the kid's say).
Of course, I've also heard other words lately, like 'Dad, can we play the computer' or 'Dad, can I watch TV' or 'Dad, I don't like this food' or 'Don't mix the colors with the whites.'
Can't do anything but listen.

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