Monday, July 8, 2013

Rise and Shine --- Old humor

Good Morning and please tell me why my e-mail is not updating!?!?

You know, it is July here in Pennsylvania so I, for one at least, am not too surprised it's pretty hot. Those TV news stations last night made it seem like that episode in the Twilight Zone where the woman is dreaming the sun is moving closer to earth and frying everything (SPOILER ALERT: Earth is actually moving away from the sun and it's getting colder).
Anyway, there are certainly 100s of ways to beat the heat, so to speak.
Saturday, I decided to use the Marx Brothers.
The Bryn Mawr Film Institute was showing the movie 'Animal Crackers' and, well, everybody can use a little comedy once in a while.
So, my crew made it through the movie which led to the following exchange with an 11-year old:
"Dad, was that a comedy?"
Come on, man, it was hilarious.
"I didn't get the jokes."
OK, some have may been dated, but wasn't it funny when they broke the table.
"I guess. I don't get why the one guy didn't talk."
It's just part of the fun.
"Yeah, and they didn't look like brothers."
That's what makes it so funny.
"Sure. Can we see a real movie next time? Something that's in color?"
Here we go again...

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