Monday, February 24, 2014

Bouncing off the walls

Good Morning and it sure was nice to pull out the light jacket this weekend!

So, the warm weather over the past two days (yeah, it's changing back today) got me to thinking about a few things.
I remember my mom packing and unpacking different clothes throughout the year. We'd get the winter ones out around November and the spring/summer ones would come out sometime in March.
I used to look forward to the day my T-shirts would emerge from the box in the attic. I knew it was almost the end of another school year.
In my own home, we don't pack up clothes. In fact, we wear pretty much the same ones all year long (sure, the sweatshirts don't leave the drawer, but still).
I wonder if anybody still packs clothes away for the seasons?
Also, even though it was nice to turn off the heat in the house the last couple of days (yeah, it will go back on today), I still felt like the walls were closing in. It was nice out, but there was still too much snow (and now mud) to deal with.
Hey, at least we have the first Phillies game Wednesday. So, things must be changing.

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