Monday, February 17, 2014

The heavy stuff

Good Morning and, the temperature doesn't matter, it's nice to see the sun.

Way back in the day, I can remember my Dad telling me to take the shovel and help an older neighbor clear the driveway. Being young and stupid, I balked. I still did it, but grumbled all the way through it.
When it was done, I felt very good. When I saw how much he appreciated the help, I knew the complaining was wrong. Sometimes, you just have to do.
Well, anybody who was out there last Thursday and Friday knows that was some heavy snow Mother Nature dumped on us.
I barely got through it Thursday, wondering why I didn't get the snow blower at that yard sale last year.
After clearing off the driveway and sidewalk, I was ready for a nap. Two hours later, I was ready to drive to Arizona.
After shoveling again Friday, clearing my drive and helping the neighbors on either side, I was ready for another nap (maybe a hibernation?). I looked across the street and saw an older man and his wife getting ready to shovel.
So, I grabbed the boys off the computers and told them to go help.
Of course, they balked. We argued. They went over.
An hour later, after helping clear two cars and a that stuff the plow left blocking the street, they came back in dog tired.
"Thanks Dad," one said, "that felt great."

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