Thursday, February 6, 2014

That bad, really?

Good Morning and enough about the weather!

You can't turn on the TV or read your local news Web site without being hit over the head with the weather. So, instead, let's talk about something else.
How about those Phillies!!!
Right, how about them? ESPN has ranked the Phillies as the second worst team in baseball this year.
They are slightly ahead of the AA-talented Astros. They are behind teams like the Cubs (THE CUBS), Marlins and those stinckin' Mets.
If experts are to be believed, we are in for a long summer of losing baseball.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, the games still have to be played, but I get a bad feeling about this team.
It feels a whole lot like those teams in the late 1980s and 1990s.
You know, if Ryan Howard can figure out to hit, if Chase Utley stays healthy, if the outfield doesn't break down, if Carlos Ruiz can play like it's 2008, if the pitching holds up.
A whole lot of "ifs." A whole lot of losses.
Hey, at least there won't be any snow.

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