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Monday, September 8, 2014

Finding my footing

Good Morning and it was nice to open those windows last night!

Back in the day, I didn't know much or care much about soccer. A couple of friends played in high school. I think I went to one game.
When I got to college, I joined the school newspaper right away.
OK, the sports editor at the time told me, you can cover soccer.
So, I headed to the library and did some studying on the game. I talked to the coach, to the players, to my friends.
When I started I couldn't tell you where a midfielder would play (yeah, it's kind of obvious). By the end, I could call an offside before the ref (yeah, it's kind of obvious).
Throughout my career, I've seen thousands of soccer games. I've watched the World Cup. I've even found the game fun, not boring like so many Americans.
The last couple of years when the children got involved, I've found even more reasons to enjoy the game.
This year, about three days before the season was to begin, I heard there was no coach for my daughter's team.
I jumped right in and, even though it was about 1,000 degrees Saturday, we started the season. I think the players actually had a good time.
Now, I need to talk to those refs about offsides.

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