Monday, February 15, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Cabin Fever

Good Morning and wasn't it nice to not have to shovel this morning!

So, the biggest offshoot of all this snow is school closings.
You know, it's nice a couple of times a winter (once?), to get that extra snow day. It gives students a chance to regroup and just have some fun in the snow.
When we are stretching into a week off, well, it's way too much.
A Facebook from Lansdale says if there is another snow day tomorrow, she's taking her children and dropping them off on the doorstep of the superintendent.
Now, that might be going too far, but anybody who's been home with school-age children during this epic week, well, you can understand the sentiment.
There are only so many snowmen to be built. There are only so many times you can say 'Read a book' or 'Clean your room!' There are only so many indoor games of tag anybody can take.
It's time to get back to school!
If tonight's snowstorm turns out worse than expected (they are currently calling for about an inch), I forsee a band of parents shoveling a path to school.

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Anonymous said...

That is really not funny at all. I never said anything like that. Never.