Thursday, February 11, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Take this snow and shovel it

Good Morning and welcome back to 'The Day After Tomorrow!'

Here are some huge high fives for those who made it to work, home from work and kept the roads plowed during this epic blizzard.
This morning, after digging out the car, the roads proved to be passable. Much more than around 5 p.m. Wednesday, when cars were getting stuck all over the place and life became very scary.

Now, what exactly do we do with all that snow.
The piles were gigantic before that second round hit yesterday. Heck, there was too much out there Tuesday night. Of course, it's all going to go somewhere, like our basements.
You know, even those who profess to 'love snow' have to be hating things right about now. That is, unless you are a student and are getting an extra-long break.
So, I announced last night, I guess we all hate snow right now.
'I love it,' said Liam.
You love it. How can you love this?
'It looks nice,' was the retort.
Sure, it looks great if you get off from school and don't have to shovel. Then, it looks like the seventh level of Armageddon.

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