Monday, February 22, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Four years later...

Good Morning and welcome to the start of a new week!

Every four years when the Winter Olympics invade our living room, we get to see events we don't see any other time.
Take for instance, curling. Please, take it. Like take it away.
It appears the only real reason curling is part of the Olympics is for viewers to scratch their heads. What the heck is that?
What are they doing with that big thing (rock?) they are are sliding down the ice. If you watched the curling Saturday night, you more likely would be saying, 'What are those guys doing with those brooms?'
OK, there's a skill involved. You have to to sweep (?) the ice to keep the thing moving and try to get it into the circle. Players can also knock off opponent's stones.
Uh, Oh, that one was pushed too fast, it's going to leave the circle.
The only thought while watching the event (and this came from somebody who's never seen it before) is it's borderline obscene. Then again, they probably have a lot of fun at practice.

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