Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rise and Shine -- Shopping?

Good Morning and who wasn't annoyed by that snow this morning?

When the first calls for big snow come around, the food stores get packed. Everybody fills up the pantry, just in case they can't get out for a week or so.
Most of the time, this is kind of funny. After all, most of our snows last a day, then everybody gets around. You don't really need all those frozen dinners.
Of course, the snow over the last couple of weeks made the run to the supermarket a good idea. We were snowed in. We needed something to eat, especially after shoveling the mess.
When the roads got cleared this past weekend, though, it appears the mall was was the place to be. Anybody who ventured out Sunday found out they weren't alone.
The malls were packed (if anybody was actually buying something, well, that's another story). There were no parking spots to be found. The little stores were wall-to-wall people.
After sitting in the house all those days, it seemed like a good idea. Head over the King of Prussia and move around a bit. If you have children, though, there's one store you need to hit. That's the Lego store.
Sunday, Valentine's Day, there were so many people in the Lego store you couldn't help but bump into somebody. Children couldn't even run around because there was no space. The line stretched out of the store.
All right, five minutes is up, let's move on.
A quick walk out and the promise of chocolate led to the Godiva store. Even though it was a big candy-buying day, Godiva was not nearly as crowded as Lego.
What does that mean? Maybe You Tube has something to do with it:

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