Monday, February 8, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Super ... Ouch

Good Morning and welcome to the greatest week Ben Gay ever had!

After a full day of sledding and shoveling, the Super Bowl seemed like it would be the perfect elixer to end the day.
Watching the Big Game (as they like to say when they don't want to pay the NFL) with four non-football fans makes it, well, kind of interesting.
The biggest question of the day wasn't, 'Who's going to win?' It was a tie between 'Is this over yet?' and 'Can we watch Spongebob instead?'
Hey, at least there were some entertaining commercial spots this year to fill in between the boring stuff.
After a couple of years of too much Budweiser, Geccos and talking Babies, there was some imagination out there this time around.
I thought the David Letterman/Oprah/Jay Leno spot and the Casual Friday ad were funny. I also laughed out loud at the Betty White/Abe Vigoda snickers ad.
In highly scientific voting at the Super Bowl party, though, there were three clear winners. So, since the game wasn't as exciting, here you go with the top three:
3. Dorito's Tim's Locker: CLICK here to see it
2. Kia's Toys dream: CLICK HERE to see it
1. Google. CLICK HERE to see it
Now, the three worst (once again, highly scientific voting procedures)
3. Denny's
2. Emerald Nuts
1. Bridgestone
What do you think?

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