Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Now, that's funny

Good Morning and welcome to a wet Tuesday!

So, the first Superman comic book sold for $1 million yesterday.
This kind of thing is always a little strange. First of all, who saves a comic book? You buy it, read it, pass it around and maybe it comes back. Most of the time when it comes back, the pages are torn or cut out.
Somebody, though, saved this comic book since 1938 and apparently it's in perfect condition. It's probably not been in the air for years.
Not only is that strange, but somebody actually had $1 million sitting around and the best they could do was buy a comic book.
Strange days indeed.
I remember back in the day when my grandmother passed along some of my dad's old comic books. At the time, I was just happy to read them. I showed them to my friends. The covers got ripped off. They were drawn on.
Now, I'm thinking I should have taken the books, put them in zip lock bags and stored them in a temperature-controlled room.
Then again, it was more fun to look at them.

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