Friday, February 19, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Hi, it's Tiger...

Good Morning and welcome to end of the week!

So, does anybody really (I mean really beyond the spectacle of the thing) care about what Tiger Woods has to to say today?
By the way, you can watch it BY CLICKING HERE.
He's got a billions in the bank. He's lived a charmed life. He apparently really likes pancakes.
Sure, many will watch it this morning because, well, we like to see stars fall. We like to see those who thought they were somehow better than us scrape their knee (well, in the case of Tiger, something else).
It would probably be more interesting if he stood up today and said: 'Hi, it's Tiger. Uh, I'm available to tape voice mail messages. In fact, I'm going to give up golf to become a dating expert. I really liked that Will Smith movie and it appears to be a lot less stressful than golf. Don't take my number off your phone, in fact, here's the new 800 line."
Maybe he'll come out and say this: "Hi, it's Tiger. Uh, I'm going to become a reality TV star."
Or, he could go the pro wrestling route: "Yeah, I'm Tiger. I can beat you on the dating scene and the golf course. Deal with it."
Here's the music that could be played as he walks to the podium:

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