Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Rise and Shine --- Huh?

Good Morning and welcome to the calm before the storm!

Now, maybe it's just me, but I have to think there are more important things for the members of Congress to be doing right now than grilling the head of Toyota.
Yeah, they screwed up their cars, but it'll get fixed. The public will keep buying Toyotas (if we ever start buying new cars again) and Japan will survive.
Sounds more like some are trying to take the focus off more important issues.
Want one, how about health care.
Just look around people, we are being bankrupted by big health care companies. One company in California raised their rates 39 percent. Most of us will see at least a 15 percent price hike. Suddenly, you are paying a quarter of your earnings for insurance.
Sure, we need it, but anybody who says we don't need some kind of reform has their head in, well, the sand (I was going to say Rush Limbaugh, but, this is a family Web site, right?)
Now, Republican leaders are saying they are going to to everything to block any kind of health care reform.
So, as we grow sicker because we can't afford care, think about how some 'leaders' are getting their pockets lined.

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