Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

Look, I, like most people (men?), enjoy a new electronic gadget when it comes out.
I transferred all my record albums (yes, there used to be such an animal) to cassette tapes when it became obvious they were the future.
I ran to get a CD player when people still thought it just a fad.
I used to get a new watch every year because, well, because it had cool things. I had one with a stop-watch. One with an alarm. One that played a different song every hour. One that had a television remote control on the face that never really worked.
I stood in line when 'Pac Man' came out for the Atari system. I advanced to an Apple with a floppy drive. Then a PC with a CD and CD burner.
I like to play with Photoshop, Movie maker, music rippers, iTunes. It's fun to recut a movie to my 'director's cut,' although I don't think the original director would like it much.
Now, though, I give up because I can't keep up.
The money thing, sure, is a big thing, but the way technology keeps going, everything you buy is outdated a day later.
There's a new iPhone coming out this week. Last year, when the original iPhone debuted, people rushed out and got one. It's a cool thing, but the new one is cooler. There's word of a better one coming out in December and some of the phones being used in Tokyo put everything else to shame.
So, to rush out and get one this week or next week is just silly. In a few months, you'll feel cheated by the new one.
We need a slow down on the gadget front. I need to catch up.

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