Friday, July 25, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning faithful readers!

Well, despite what the calender says and even though the temperature keeps pushing near triple digits, it is apparently fall already.
The Eagles are playing football, which many believe is the biggest story of the year. More disturbing, though, is the stores are stocking school supplies.
Didn't school just end? Wasn't it only a month ago we were ditching old papers and putting the books away?
Apparently, that's been long enough. There are sales all over the place. We are being drummed in the head if we don't purchase those No. 2 pencils today, there won't be any left come September. Get those folders or your school children will be stuck with 'High School Musical 2.'
Hurry up. Come quickly. Get it done.
It seems we are always looking to the next thing instead of just enjoying today. We wake up on Monday and wish it was Wednesday. When Wednesday comes, we wish it was Friday. Sunday starts the cycle all over again.
'Just get me through today so I can get to tomorrow.'
When tomorrow comes, we rush through it. Time speeds past us before we even know what to do with it.
Here's an idea. For today, just take it minute-by-minute. It's a perfect summer day outside.
Stop and smell the roses.

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