Thursday, July 24, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning everybody, especially those stuck sleeping in the Philadelphia Airport!

That was some impressive lightning out there last night. The sky was lighting up like it was the middle of the day, that is if the middle of the day lasted about two seconds. It's nice to watch this kind of nature from a distance of the safety of a window.

So, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute issued a memo yesterday linking the use of cell phones with an increase in brain cancer.
Here is Dr. Ronald B. Herberman's memo in full. Here is a related story.
If this is true, maybe we should rethink the need to be 'in touch' all the time. A day doesn't pass without seeing people walking around, driving, and, yes, even riding a bike, while talking on the phone.
Are these calls really that important. I even saw two people sitting at the same table in a restaurant a few weeks ago and each were talking to different people on cell phones.
Take it a little further and imagine the damage those ear things can do to your brain.
When you see people blow through a stop sign because they are talking on the phone you already know cell phones can make you stupid. Now, they can kill you.
So, what do we do ... Sorry, phone is ringing.
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