Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, Delaware County!

A quick review:
Saw the movie 'Wall-E' at the theater Saturday afternoon.
Now, it's a pretty big deal, because with three little ones, an excursion to the movies is a huge undertaking. It has to be the right movie that will appeal to a 9-year old boy, a 6-year old boy and a 3-year old girl.
Believe it or not, those movies don't come around all the time. Plus, it has to appeal to the parents of the three so the 'it looks like a good video movie' doesn't come across their lips.
Thank God for Pixar. The movie company makes cool looking animated movies that has just enough to run across the age groups. Which, when you are talking about a 3-year old, means she can sit still for a quarter of the movie.
Anyway, 'Wall-E,' for those, you know, not in the know, is about the last robot on a trash-filled earth. Apparently, the humans, having finally trashed the planet, escaped in space have been floating around the final frontier for about 700 years.
Every once in a while, the humans send back probes to see if life has resurfaced on Earth.
Well, 'Wall-E' finds a plant during his trash-compacting duties. He comes in contact with the probe, becomes friends, goes to space, has some adventures, comes back and is saved by his new friend (girlfriend?).
Although there isn't a lot actual dialogue, the beeps and bumps of the robots say a lot and there is no loss in the story.
The most ironic thing about the movie is the subtle (well, banging over the head actually) message of overindulgence.
A company (Walmart, Disney) pushed so many needless products onto consumers they had no place to put all the trash. It took over the streets, oceans, everything.
That the movie was financed by Disney makes it all the more ironic.
You can't walk into any store without being beat over the head with Disney princesses. Believe me, there is no store around that doesn't have something with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Belle and their friends smiling from a cup or dish or toothbrush or toilet paper.
It's a good movie to check out, but think, 'What is going to happen to all that trash?'

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