Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning and stay in the air conditioning if possible today.

All of a sudden, California doesn't look so good. First there are fires all over the place, then an earthquake hit Los Angeles. Now, they say 'THE BIG ONE' may be on the way. Wait a minute, perfect weather all year? OK, never mind.

So, we have the Rolling Stones playing concerts while pushing 70. The Who (Roger Daltry 64, Pete Townshend, 63) are coming to the area this fall. Van Halen toured last year in their upper 50s. John McCain, 71, is running for president Now, there's word out that Cheech, 62, and Chong, 70, are going to reunite for a movie.
Well, I guess it's real, we can all forget about retirement. Although, Cheech and Chong were funny in their day, I don't know if their comedy floats these days.
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