Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning everybody (especially those waiting in line to audition to be the next American Idol)!

Just in time for high school juniors to seriously think about their next step, the Princeton Review came out with its annual list of college rankings.
CHECK IT out here.
While the Review ranks colleges in everything from academics to the social scene.
Of course, the list that really gets the pub is the top party schools in the country.
All the usual suspects are there (Florida, Penn State, West Virginia, etc.)
Now, I don't remember these lists all those years ago. It was probably out there, but the Internet wasn't around, so the news didn't come as quickly.
Anyway, is there really a difference in the partying from say Florida, which is ranked No. 1, and Swarthmore? OK, there is probably a difference there, but in the grand scheme there really isn't much difference between Florida and Pittsburgh. Having visited one and attended the other, I have some first-hand experience.
If you are looking for a party at any college, chances are you'll be able to find one without much trouble.
Meanwhile, MIT is ranked No. 1 for students who study the most.
So that gives you a range. The bottom line is students have to find the school they like best. Outside rankings don't mean much when the school year starts.
By the way, these rankings and those that take the time to compile them leads to another thought:

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