Friday, July 11, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning out there!

Interesting thing, since we now have the opportunity to get reader comments on our Web stories you get a feel how small is the world.
This past week, we've gotten comments from Ireland, London and Hawaii. We've also gotten plenty of comments from non-exotic places like Georgia, Indiana and Marcus Hook, but it does speak to the power of the Internet.
Imagine that, Delaware County doesn't exist in some kind of bubble. What happens here catches the fancy around the world.

Anyway, found THIS STORY yesterday. For those who don't have time to read (you know how everybody is so busy now they can't barely leave their desks to hit the bathroom), it's about a new list of eight natural wonders.
There are mountains, streams, lakes and the such in places like Canada and Iceland, just to name a few.
So, it got me thinking, what about the wonders of Delaware County (there's not much nature, but, hey, we need more shops)? There has to be some, like the trash that washes up in the Hook. Or, the MacDade Mall. Or, those Grand Canyon-sized potholes that never get fixed on Baltimore Pike. Or, Duffer's.
On a side note, does those in County power should contact the Guinness Book of Records people. We have to have the greatest number of bars and pizza joints in any concentrated area in the world. Can't wait to hear from Kazakhstan to debate that record.
Then, there's this:
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