Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning, gentle readers!

So, the heat will break today. While most of us expect heat during the summer and just deal with it as part of living in Pennsylvania during the summer, it will be nice to turn off the air conditioner for a couple of days and open the windows.

Meanwhile, for those who don't think the world is heading down the river without a boat, click on these stories:

A Rhode Island man had a blood-alcohol level of 0.491, the highest ever measured on someone who wasn't dead

Keep the bathing suit on, Part One.Apparently a water slide at Hersheypark can become, well, X-rated

Remember when using the bathroom was just using the bathroom? It appears some people have taken the toilet to the extreme

Keep the bathing suit on, please, Part DeuxYou better look right if you want to attend this nudist resort in France. The government will be checking.

Think our courts are filled with frivolous cases? A Greek court dismissed a case this week from the residents of the island of Lesbos which banned the use of the world 'lesbian.'

They say when the world ends, cockroaches will outlast man.Well, a New Jersey man so hates bugs, he blew up his apartment. No really. He blew it up

When is making a lot of money not enough? Just ask Larry Mendte the next time you stop into Wawa.

Finally, from a birthday party in London:

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