Monday, July 28, 2008

Rise and Shine

Good Morning out there!!

Hope you are enjoying your Monday morning. That cool temperature makes it ever so bearable as the summer hits its stride.

By the way, apparently the Philadelphia Soul won the Arena Football League championship Sunday.
It appears to have been met with a big 'Oh Well.'
Sure, it's exciting for those involved with the team. They can now jack up ticket prices next year and put up billboards with Jon Bon Jovi's smiling mug next to a trophy.
Other than that... whatever.
Remember, the Philadelphia KiXX and Phantoms each won championships in the last few years. Let's not forget the Wings and Freedom. All won titles, but it doesn't take away from the failures of those other teams.

Meanwhile, the Olympics get underway next week in China.
Is it just me, or is there no real buzz for the Games.
The big problem happened a few years ago when the powers that be decided to change the schedule allowing for Olympic Games (winter or summer) every two years. The build up disappeared and the Games now seem to be every year.
Sure, there will be some exciting performances, but, like this weekend's championship, there is no Soul.
By the way, here's a cool look at what we are missing:

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